Our surf lessons are given by certified instructor (by Intrenational surf association), with a lot of experience. The lessons are at My Khe  Beach, in front of Temple Da Nang .

We chose  My Khe Beach because it suits better for everyone, from beginners to developing or advanced surfing skills.

Da Nang Surf School provides all surfing equipment, including soft surfboards, rash vests and wetsuits for your surf lesson.

Our equipment is the best for beginners, are in perfect condition and applies  the regulations set by the ISA. Soft boards with soft fins for absolute beginners.

All you need to bring are board shorts or swimsuit and plenty of sun screen.
Surfing Lessons take approximately 90 minuts.


Here is what you can expect from the surf lesson at our Da Nang surf school
1 session – Intro and Experience  of surfing

Learn the basic of catching waves  in a safe secure environment. Learn the board, understand the surf, positioning, paddling, catching waves, control and standing up. Essential ocean safety and much more..Get the thrill of riding small rolling waves on easy to follow steps.
You will be loosing your balance and falling off, but the time you get up will be a complete different experience..

3 session – For those who felt the good vibe of surfing
Surfing is not just about being able to stand up ! Build on basic riding skills, . Learn  front and back side turns as the first steps to trimming the wave face. Start working on timing and take off on small green waves.
Learn about the waves and the factors affecting the surf. Understand how to read tide charts and swell forecasts. Know how to pick the best time to surf.
This course aims solidify foundation, work on quirks and building your surf confidence. With a strong foundation you’re set to take on the challenges of surfing proper waves head on.

5 sessions – for people who are serious about continuing surfing
You will want more! Learn effective board control, tricks to paddle out, overcome waves and navigate the surf.
Join the line up and surf 3-5ft green waves. Learn the importance of position to catch a wave, picking the right waves, improve on timing and take off.